hello my firends

know about my result

Today the result of my exam it we can know . i know it too , u know how is my exam ? all sutdents maybe 237 and i”m it 17th , it make me happy too . i will try it better at session 2 .


my background

name : Rithy , student at Norton university .
age : 19 male
plan of born : kom phong cham
address : house 195 , street 146
phone : 016 339 379
e-mail : itrithy@gmail.com

Hello friends ! Welcome to join my Blog. It is my first time that I make WeBolg . I make this Blog purpose for my friends can know something from me and want do it become a good Blog for you that join. In my WeBog you can know a lot thing from me like my background , activity that I did from school , my studying , my friends , news , joke…….!